PaceMaker is PaceMetrics’ business process monitoring software

PaceMaker delivers the ability to monitor and react to business activity in real-time, detecting exceptional events and alerting staff to high-risk conditions.

With the ability to tap into any information flows and listen for relevant data, PaceMaker looks across business processes to provide the holistic view needed to control risks and run operations efficiently.

Simple in concept yet powerful in capabilities, PaceMaker has found use in areas such as keeping track of financial auction processes, trade reconciliation, regulatory compliance, position monitoring and legacy system migration.


  • It enforces a reconciliation process that is robust, secure, and verifiable
    Provides the organisation with enhanced process management and monitoring capabilities.
  • Improves visibility and control over the reconciliation status by displaying data via a dashboard and scheduled reports
  • Overlays existing systems to minimise the impact on the organisation during the implementation and deployment process
  • Provides a rich data set that can be mined to provide visibility into patterns, recurring failures or potentially suspect activities


  • Retrieves data from across multiple systems and in multiple formats
  • Identifies errors in real time showing:
    • What the problem was?
    • Why did it occur?
    • Where did it occur?
  • Presents reconciliation results through a configurable dashboard
  • Issues a summary and escalation reports via email


  • Validating transaction details, cash flows, and postings across front and back office systems
  • Automates entire reconciliation processes in real time
  • Provides real time transaction level reporting to operations and MIS and summary information to managers