The Harmful Effects of Dirty Data

Dirty data embodies the saying: “Garbage in, Garbage Out”, and many businesses have taken the initiative to keep dirty data from polluting their data-stream. According to Experian,91% of U.S. organizations have invested in data-quality initiatives in the past year. As the amount of digital data we gather and utilize in everyday dealings increases, the concerns surrounding dirty data will only continue to grow.

Some statistics to consider:

  • 47% of all data is being collected through mobility – Mobile Applications and Web Sites.
  • 53% of organizations surveyed by Forbes Insights, on average, use 36 different data-gathering systems, making it difficult to track and keep multiple systems in sync and up to date.

By 2020 a great deal of the data we depend on for strategies and tactics will be rendered useless if no corrective measures are taken, (according to CSC projections of data growth rates).  To stop this, many companies are taking preventative action.  Recognizing and dealing with the problem of dirty data has become a major point of concern for many companies and can yield a significant ROI if resolved.


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