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Is Your Data Policy Fit For Purpose?

The torrent of regulation from regulatory bodies across jurisdictions challenges our memory for acronyms as much as our capacity to meet them. FRTB, MiFID, IFRS, KYC, BCBS239 … there’s no end in view. At least Solvency II is pronounceable.

A common theme across these regulations is the requirement that you must be able to demonstrate the use of data of an appropriate quality, and be able to show the transparency of the processes through which those data were collected and processed.

This intense scrutiny of data across your organisation may require action on a number of fronts. But perhaps the first question should be, is your data policy fit for purpose in this new regulatory environment? Are there any gaps which should be understood even before taking action on weak processes and data controls?

If you think this is a concern, why not get in touch? We’ll give you an hour of free consulting to discuss your current data policies and governance structures, and advise on areas that need focus.

PaceMetrics provides data quality control software, consultancy and training to businesses with regulatory concerns about missing data management.

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Good quality data is the main driver around all necessary decisions that adhere to regulations. It is about ensuring that the data you hold is fit for the purpose of your business and It helps to improve operational efficiency. In the future this is said to be the main precursor to developing a data quality program for most organisations. In order to see where you stand with your data you need to first realize what bad data is doing to your organisation.

  • Does your organisation have concerns about the quality of its data?
  • Would your data quality pass regulatory standards?
  • Do you need advice on data governance?
  • Are you concerned about regulatory reporting?
  • Does your staff understand the importance of data quality management? Could our Data Quality Management introductory course help?

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