The Evolving Role of the Chief Data Officer in Financial Services

Organisations are discovering that they need to be more proactive and effective in managing their information assets. Deloitte explores the evolving role of the Chief Data Officer in the global financial services industry and how it is transforming from senior data marshal and steward to strategic business-enablement leader and innovator. Deloitte outlines the role and[…]

Top Tips for Overcoming the Challenges and Achieving the Benefits of Data Quality

Improving and sustaining data quality has become essential to meeting business and regulatory compliance requirements across capital markets, but challenges remain with firms facing problems raised by data silos, disparate data sources, large data volumes, lack of standardisation and a poor understanding of data quality across the organisation. Read more on top tips for overcoming[…]

Intuition Publishing Announces the Launch of a New Course: An Introduction to Data Quality Management

How does your organisation think about data quality? PaceMetrics has teamed up with our sister organisation, Intuition Publishing, to provide a course that helps your staff become aware of this new area of regulatory scrutiny. The one-day programme aims to provide its learners with a framework to use when thinking about data. It introduces participants to data concepts, and[…]

The Harmful Effects of Dirty Data

Dirty data embodies the saying: “Garbage in, Garbage Out”, and many businesses have taken the initiative to keep dirty data from polluting their data-stream. According to Experian,91% of U.S. organizations have invested in data-quality initiatives in the past year. As the amount of digital data we gather and utilize in everyday dealings increases, the concerns[…]

The Institute Of Internal Auditors on ‘Assessing Involvement in Organizational Use of Data’

The Institute Of Internal Auditors (IIA) discusses ‘Assessing Involvement in Organizational Use of Data’ with the use of some very informative infographics and statistics. According to their study, only 29% of Chief Audit Executives are ‘Very or extremely confident in the strategic decisions their organization makes based on data it collects and analyzes’. Read the pdf here… 2016 Pulse[…]

The Distributed Ledger Technology Applied to Securities Markets

The Blockchain technology underlying Bitcoin – or, to use its more formal name, Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) – has provoked much discussion about its application to financial services generally. The European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) has just published a discussion paper on the possible impact of DLT on securities markets. Read the pdf here: Distributed Ledger[…]