Assure is PaceMetrics’ modern data management system. It is a highly configurable and adaptable platform for handling all aspects of sourcing, manipulating and distributing data of any type in complex, real time processing environments.

Whether you are in Risk Management, Finance, Operations, IT or Auditing, Assure provides your organisation with validated data in an automated, controllable and auditable way, and in a way that satisfies BCBS 239 recommendations.



  • Reduces costs and risk through efficient and automated data management procedures
  • Satisfies auditors by demonstrating the provenance of all data and the monitoring of user actions
  • Gives confidence in the controlled delivery of reliable data, with real time feedback on problems
  • Provides agility and flexibility in adapting to changing data needs
  • Can be quickly deployed using out-of-the-box business rules and workflow for rapid implementation


Assure gives you the ability to match your precise requirements:

  • Adaptive Data Model – you model the data as you want to see it, and Assure adapts accordingly
  • Customizable workflows – you change Assure’s processes to match your own
  • Extensible rules – you control the business rule checking and process flows
  • Service Oriented Architecture – you can interact with external systems


Assure is available as a packaged solution for many possible applications:

  • Market Data Cleansing
  • Collateral Reporting
  • Static Data Control
  • Exceptions Monitoring
  • Legacy System Data Quality Management
  • Real Time Data Management

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