Cyber Security Course From Intuition

Cyber Security Course Overview

How does your organisation think about Cyber Security? Intuition, PaceMetrics sister organisation has teamed up with CybSafe, to provide a course that changes the way the human aspect of cybersecurity is viewed and addressed so that people and organisations can be more secure online.

Cybersecurity is the one of the fastest growing risk areas for business. Numerous independent reports highlight the increasing frequency and sophistication of cyber-attacks. The FCA published its 2017/2018 business plan on the 18/04/17 and it mentions cybercrime no less than 65 times. Moreover, PWC’s 20th annual global CEO survey found that cybersecurity is the most worrying business threat for the Banking & Capital Markets industry with 82% of CEOs stating that they were concerned.

In Europe, the impending GDPR is generating additional urgency around the issue. This EU directive will come into full force on the 25/05/18. The regulation will impress upon businesses the need to reduce the likelihood of data breaches that might put customer data at risk and will impose massive fines on the businesses that fail to do so.

In order to avoid the severest of fines, organisations will be required to demonstrate that they did all they reasonably could to avoid a data breach. Organisations will struggle to claim this if they haven’t put in place an effective mechanism to raise cyber security awareness and change staff behaviour – (some reports state that 90% of all cyber breaches take place because of human error).

This download outlines how the course is delivered. The training we provide can help to enlist your staff in addressing the human factor that is so often the cause of a data breach

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