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PaceMetrics helps organisations use their data with confidence, monitoring quality, improving automation, reducing risk and boosting efficiency.

Our agile data management systems provide reliable information, underpinned by audit and lineage, detecting and fixing data issues in real-time.

Our flexible software enables us to be responsive to our clients’ needs, reacting to opportunities, delivering digital transformation projects, quickly and cost-effectively.

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Assure controls the risks of using inaccurate data. It is a highly configurable and adaptable data management platform that monitors, detects, cleanses, transforms, and aggregates data from complex processing environments in real time, delivering trusted data for analysis and further processing.


PaceMaker delivers the ability to monitor and react to business activity in real-time, detecting exceptional events and alerting staff to high-risk conditions. With the ability to tap into any information flows and listen for relevant data, PaceMaker looks across business processes to control risks and run operations efficiently.


PVS is our agile market data management solution – automatically sourcing, verifying and distributing the critical financial and reference data flowing into an organisation’s key systems such as accounting, risk, collateral management and many others, underpinned by audit and lineage.


PaceMetrics offer a bespoke catalogue of training and tuition programs to meet your organisation’s needs through our sister company, Intuition Publishing. Our courses cover areas such as Risk Management, Asset Management, Fund Management, Data Protection, Regulation and Compliance.


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